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Making soap is rewarding, exhilerating, exciting, and somehow slightly addictive.  First batch and second batch are still curing and drying on their racks as they will need to continue for about one month up to six weeks before being fully ready.

The first batch I made was Lemon Litsea Poppyseed.  “What’s Litsea?” everyone immediately asks me.  It is a very strongly citrus scent produced by a Litsea tree’s fruit.  It smells very lemonlike, yet even more intense than lemon essential oil.

My second batch was Tangerine Ginger soap.  It is a nice deep orange color from the tangerine essential oil plus my addition of apricot seed powder to give it an exfoliating quality.  I cannot wait to try this one with its wonderful scrubbing and exfoliating apricot seed beads and its lovely tangerine essential oil scent!

Then the most recent batch was SUPER Peppermint!  In fact, I am thinking I may have miscalculated how strong Peppermint Essential Oil really is, making our entire home strongly scented of Peppermint.  So refreshing though!

I may have to possibly “cut” the peppermint batch into another plain batch so it is not quite so strong on the nose!  Wow!  I will have to ask my soap mentor, Michelle Blackwood, what she thinks about this.

Super Peppermint Soap

Finally, one of my readers had made a request to see me “all suited up” in my goggles, waterproof apron, & rubber gloves up to my elbows in preparation for soapmaking.  This was taken while I was in process of making my second batch of soap just over a week ago.  You have to prevent getting lye in your eye so you don’t suffer eye damage, you must not breathe the fumes for possible lung damage can occur, and you must also avoid getting any lye or lye water on the skin as well to avoid burns.  Thus the full-on suiting up!  With the right precautions, it is very safe and fun to make soap.  You just have to learn a lot about it before diving in, and take the precautions needed, and then it will work out great!

For the love of Lye (I am holding lye water solution)

Soapmaker Model

Yes I am a soapmaker model.  I make soap and I now model my ridiculous outfits and goggles for all the world to see.

I am winking at the camera.  I love it!

My soaps will be available for sale beginning March 15!

Check my website for them to pop up for sale (right before St Patrick’s Day!):

Announcing Crafty by Nature’s newest product launch, Hint of Tint Lip Balm!

Come check it out on in our etsy shop!

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Crafty by Nature started in 2010 after the prior year’s Christmas present went over wildly successfully!   Karen and Nick, owners of Crafty by Nature, set out to put together a fun garden-themed gift basket for Christmas presents.  They put the gift baskets together, had them all ready to go, and lined up in a row.  “Something is missing,” Karen said. 

After extensive research, trial and error, and some tweaks to the recipe, Karen made her own recipe for Gardener’s Hand Salve to add into the garden gift baskets.  The recipients of each gift basket seemed content enough with their garden gift basket, but after they each tried on the new hand salve, that is when things really started happening.  People began calling Karen and Nick to put in orders for more of their “wonderful hand salve.”  Some were saying they needed more for themselves, others said they need a bunch for their coworkers, and many said they must get more for their friends. 

Karen and Nick discovered that with working in the pottery studio so much with clay all over their hands, that this hand salve became very valuable to keep on hand.  After more and more people got their hands on our hand salve, a few people said to us that this hand salve is great but it needs a stronger, more comprehensive name rather than just Gardener’s hand salve.  They asked us to rename it because it really works so well and it is not just for gardener’s.  One person claimed that Gardener’s Hand Salve sounded “too wimpy for this awesome lotion!” 

After our customers suggestions came in, we renamed our original formula hand salve the Working Hands Skin Repair.  Working Hands Skin Repair is made using the same recipe and care as our original recipe.  Due to the enthusiasm and support of our customers, we have started a little brand name. 

This is how Crafty by Nature began.  This is our story.  Our products carry on our story and our new customers become woven into our story.  From our family to yours, we wish you happy, healthy skin!

Karen and Nick
Crafty by Nature – our main website and shop – our facebook fan page

The Columbus Craftacular is coming May 14 & 15th

3rd Annual

Columbus (Eco-Chic) Craftacular

Saturday May 14th 10am – 6pm

Sunday May 15th 12pm – 5pm


Outdoor & Indoor Eco-focused Arts & Crafts Show
Whetstone Community Center

The recreation center/community center is near entrance to

WhetstoneParkof Roses, directly next to Whetstone Library.


The address is: 3923 N. High Street
Columbus,Ohio 43214 


Our 83 different vendors will challenge themselves to bring

a more “green” concept to some of their wares. This can be done with awareness during all stages of creation:

  • purpose/use
  • raw materials
  • manufacturing process
  • packaging
  • waste produced
  • natural or recycled content


Live acoustic music from local bands features some of the areas talent and gives a fun atmosphere to the event. 

Activities, demonstrations and games from Craftacular sponsors aimed at teaching fun ways to think green! 

Swag bags (full of goodies) will be given away to the first 50 people who make a purchase each day!

Bags will contain samples from exhibiting vendors and promotional items from the rest of Etsy Team Columbus.

Sign our guestbook with your comments and questions you may have. 
You might have pottery questions like “How can I get personalized wedding pottery for so and so?” Or you might have skincare questions like “What are the ingredients in your lotions and where do they come from?”

Come and join the fun by signing / posting your comments and questions here.  We LOVE feedback from our customers and potential customers!!!  It is a great way for us to learn!  Here’s your chance…

I am so lucky to have the greatest customers!  One wonderful customer of mine, Sue, had purchased a piece of pottery from me, entered my raffle to win my giant gift basket, complimented me on all my stuff, had a wonderful & cheerful conversation, and then vanished.  But not for long. 

A few days later, I told myself that I really must pull the winner’s name out of my raffle container.  I pulled the name, Sue, and immediately emailed her.  I was so excited and surprised when I figured out that it was the very same Sue that was so delightful to meet, talk with, and sell pottery to!  A little time went by as we all are busy, but Sue has now posted a lovely little write up with gorgeous photos of how much she loves my handmade skincare and pottery!   Without further ado, here is Sue’s lovely post from :

“I’m on a winning spree.  Truly winning, not winning in some sarcastic-Charlie-Sheenish way.  At my last craft show (I make jewelry and sell at craft shows….my jewelry site —which needs alot of attention— is here: in case you are curious), I didn’t win the raffle (I usually do, it’s so weird), and went home thinking, ah, well, can’t win EVERYtime.  A few days later I get an e-mail telling me I have won this wonderful gift basket from a crafter I met that I went ga-ga over….Karen makes VEGAN hand-cream AND awesome pottery.  I bought this wonderful bowl from her:

So, I thought it was amazingly cool that I won these items:

See more of her lovelies here:  (Note:  she uses beeswax in some of her products, so some are not strictly vegan….check ingredient list).

I love her stuff so much that I am going to order some things from her to give away here, on the blog, in July, to celebrate my one-year vegan anniversary.  More on that in June.” 

     – Sue of Sunny Hawk Lane

Introducing our newest product with its new and improved product label, “Heal, Dog, Heal Puppy Balm!”  Apply to your dog’s paw pads if they are dry or cracked or need a little tender loving care.  Heal, Dog, Heal Puppy Balm is also quite useful for doggie cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.  

heal, dog, heal! - puppy balm

Just apply to their skin or paw pads, and wait for the wonderful healing power of comfrey herb in this balm begin to do its work.  Safe for all pets and this formula contains only natural ingredients that are either plant-based or natural beeswax.  If your pet begins to lick the balm, there is no need for concern since our formula is safe and natural.

Please feel free to send us any questions or comments!  You can reply to our blog directly, or you may wish to email us to our gmail account, at

Comes in an easy to apply lip balm tube, so there is no mess!

easy to apply, dogs will thank you!

Have a wonderful day and take great care of your doggie pals!

heal, dog, heal! puppy balm:  This is a healing, soothing skin balm for your pooch that comes in an easy dispenser tube!  Comfrey herb is a powerful healing herb that works wonders on your dog’s skin irritations.  It really calms the skin down from scrapes, scratches, rashes, redness, or irritation. 

Give your dog a balm!  “heal, dog, heal! puppy balm” that is!!!


heal, dog, heal! = puppy balm


Crafty by Nature

Crafty by Nature does handmade pottery, lotions, & soaps. Earthy. Natural. Pure.

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