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I have discovered along with the great gift of being creative comes the downside of being terribly unorganized, scatterbrained, unfocused, and downright forgetful.  This is at least the case for me.

But I have found a promising solution!

It is a two-fold solution.

Step One:

Build ample shelving for organizing mass quantities of art & craft supplies.  This step was largely made possible by my husband, a giant sheet of plywood, and our table saw.

Step Two:

Simply get a large bulletin board and post your goals & ideas & to do items.  Once they are on the board, let them motivate, remind, and inspire you! Let them help you keep FOCUSED!

My board is just getting started, but I still took a photo of it to share.  It is only the beginning…

Goals, Ideas, To Do's, and Inspirations

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