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Exactly 4 weeks ago, I set out to make my very first swirl soap using rose-colored kaolin clay. I was beyond excited and could barely wait until TODAY. Today is the exact day that the soaps became fully cured and ready for use. Today is the day I got to try my new swirl soap. Did it lather? Oh yes it sure did quite a bit! Does it seem moisturizing enough considering the clay content? Again a definite yes! I think by mixing the clay with avocado oil before introducing it into the soap really helps to boost the moisture content. Does the multiple essential oil blend smell great? It’s wonderful, woodsy, uplifting, and bright! In fact, when I tried this new soap today, my husband was home and nearby. I tried the soap, decided it was pretty awesome, and said to my husband, “Here try this” and handed him the soap. About 60 seconds later he was saying, “I like this soap; it’s manly.” I consider that a big compliment.

The swirl part was one area I know I can improve. I ended up with a really wonderful soap full of ridiculous lather and gorgeous essential oil scents, but the swirl was not so very swirly. Next time I will more aggressively blend the swirl of the rose-colored kaolin clay into the plain colored soap.

I should mention the wonderful aromatic of this soap. I made a blend of litsea essential oil, patchouli essential oil, lavender essential oil, and lemon essential oil. The result is a gorgeous, rich, full, woodsy lemon aromatic. It is bright and uplifting. I have made this soap before, just without the swirl. Every time men get to sniff this soap, they tend to really like it. My husband is a big fan of this aromatic.

If you are wondering what litsea is, it is very similar to lemon essential oil but more intense and woodsy. Litsea grows usually as a tree but sometimes a large shrub. It produces small, inedible fruits that contain a lot of the litsea essential oil. I believe they also utilize the leaves to get the essential oil of litsea, too. It holds better in cold process soaps than lemon essential oil does as it has more staying power due to its full, rich, earthy scent.

I love litsea and I really love this soap! Next time, more swirls! Next up on my agenda for new soaps is an interesting new one; sea clay swirled green man soap! I am excited for that one! Here is my swirled lemon chiffon soap available for sale:

I became intensely inspired and determined to make a swirl soap. I used my own recipe for making the soap and modified it slightly to incorporate the swirling in of some natural rose-colored kaolin clay which is great for the skin. The aromatic blend I selected for this soap is very interesting, uplifting, and fresh. I used four essential oils and they make quite a wonderful aromatherapy blend when combined. The first one is Litsea, a very intense essential oil that smells like concentrated lemon zest. Litsea Cubeba is an evergreen shrub or small tree with lemon-scented leaves and small, pepper-like fruit. Litsea’s flowers, leaves, and fruit are used to extract the essential oil. The second was patchouli, a very woodsy, outdoorsy scent from the patchouli plant. Patchouli is also a shrub but it is a deciduous herb in which the leaves are used for the aromatic essential oil. Then I used a little bit of lavender essential oil and finished it up with some lemon essential oil. Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the lavender plant’s flowers and leaves. Lemon essential oil is of course extracted from lemon trees. The resulting combination of essential oils is what my husband likes to call “Man Soap” but I was thinking perhaps I might call it “Greenman Soap” instead. It is like a woodsy, earthy, and bright lemon aromatic. I really love this soap! It will be available for sale after it is finished curing for 4 weeks. Made on December 10th, it will be ready by my birthday on January 7th! What a great birthday gift! I can hardly wait to use this one!


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