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new moustache protector mug sitting in the snow

It was a snowy day that I pulled my latest moustache protector mug carefully out of the kiln.  Its glaze colors shimmered and shone in the daylight.  Gunmetal Green is the name of this glaze bearing lovely shades of green with an alluring metallic silvery sheen covering some areas like a wonderful surprise.  This particular moustache protector mug was created in mind for an Ohio man whose wife wanted to surprise his moustache face with said mug.  There was a slight glitch in this plan as I posted the mug online and sent them the link and no sooner than I posted it, a moustached man from Texas snatched it up!  No worries, however, for two more wonderful “big and tall” moustache protector mugs are currently on my potter’s wheel ready to be trimmed, adorned with moustache protection, and to have their handles added.  One of these will most certainly be for the Ohio couple who are patiently and kindly waiting upon their very own moustache mug.

As I look back on the moustache mug sitting in the snow that went to the moustache man in Texas, I can’t help but think there will be many more to come.  And perhaps it will even be another snowy day when I pull the next ones out of the kiln, so I can have another picture perfect shot of the moustache mugs set out in the glistening snow.

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