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Today I had the pleasure of speaking at a women’s teacher’s group at one of their meetings.  I had met the president of this group at the Worthington Green on the Green festival last year.  She bought an “I Love You Lotion” and mentioned her group and that she might contact me to see if I’d be interested in speaking about my small woman-owned business to her group.  Well that day finally came and was today.  I went through the history of how my little business got started and how we have progressed.  It was great because I hadn’t realized the dates of some of my milestones that had occured until I looked them up on old blog posts actually.

Some of our milestones for Crafty by Nature have been…

2009:  I developed our first product which started out as a Christmas gift, but ended up as Working Hands Skin Repair.

2010:  I vended at my very first Art & Craft show at the Grove City Art & Craft Show

2011:  I developed the recipe and made my first “true” lotion called “I Love You Lotion.”  I call this a “true” lotion because it is emulsified oils, water, and wax that stays blended.

2012:  I made a great journey to Rapidan, Virginia to learn soap-making from one of the pros, my soap mentor and now friend, Michele Blackwood.  I knew of her through buying her soaps and absolutely falling in love with her soaps.  Now I can make my own soaps that are awesome, using my very own recipe I wrote.

After my talk with the women’s teacher’s group, members of the group bought a bunch of my lotions and soaps.  It was really rewarding and wonderful to be able to spend time with this group and give everyone the opportunity to really learn about my business and my products.  I went over some of my pottery workshops information as well and some were interested in taking a potter’s wheel class sometime.  Overall, this was a really rewarding and exciting day for me to introspect and learn about my own milestones in my little business and share everything I have learned along my journey so far with some wonderful women today.

I am thankful for this opportunity.  It really allowed me to stop and look back at my prior milestones and see how far I have come and gives me hope and inspiration for carrying on into the future!  I feel so motivated now!


Step through the doors to THREAD on Grandview and you are immediately whisked into a bustling European boutique filled with an ever-changing and well appointed collection consisting mostly of women’s clothing, gorgeous jewelry and accessories, and a wide assortment of apothecary goods.

Two sisters, Miranda Boyle and Sara Guice, own this extraordinary shop together.  They had a vision for a busy European themed shop designed to look very natural yet modern at the same time that would offer women an exclusive yet affordable venue to many up-and-coming designers’ goods.  Miranda uses great vision, talent, and imagination to show a customer exactly what will look absolutely wonderful on them, whether it is one dress by itself or a complete outfit.  After Sara lived in France for six years, she acquired a strong sense for European fashion.  Sara is great at finding the most delightful fashions from new European designers and blending together items for a complete look. Both sisters have a lot of talent, experience,  and great taste and their partnership has proven to be a great recipe that brings them together to be quite a strong team.

Among the apothecary items, you will find Crafty by Nature lotions and soaps!  Miranda and Sara have said the Crafty by Nature lotions and soaps are selling fast, and I believe them because whenever I come by to restock I notice many of them have sold completely out!  This is a great problem to have!

Here is the display of Crafty by Nature, nestled into the rest of the apothecary section, during my last visit.

Crafty by Nature display at THREAD on Grandview

THREAD on Grandview and Crafty by Nature are both fresh, new Columbus, Ohio companies that have found one another and truly enjoy working together.  Even though THREAD is very much European inspired, it is a wonderful thing to see a good amount of their products are locally made.

THREAD on Grandview
1306 Grandview Ave
Grandview, OH 43212

Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Thursday:  Open until 8pm
Sunday: 12 to 5pm

My husband gave me a surprise Christmas gift; a pair of magnetic signs for the car doors that say Crafty by Nature!  I got so excited that I washed my entire car inside and out!  I even waxed the whole car.  For those who know me well, I almost never wash my car, so I must have been really excited about the signs!  Here are a couple pictures of them on my Mini Cooper…



Crafty by Nature sign

Crafty by Nature sign

Crafty by Nature

Crafty by Nature does handmade pottery, lotions, & soaps. Earthy. Natural. Pure.

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