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We loaded up the kiln yesterday afternoon and set the kiln for a bisque firing that takes 12 hours to fire up to 1,828° F.  This is some of the pottery before firing, once loaded into the kiln:

After the 12 hours of firing up to 1,828°F, the kiln must cool for an additional 19 hours.  Now I say 19 hours to cool when we are firing in pretty warm weather here in Columbus, OH.  I think the temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s here during the time of the kiln attempting to cool.  So of course in January, we will see very different cooling times.

Here’s what we have for the bisque.  Notice the light pink coloration of much of the pottery.  This is a temporary color that will change and mature into a tan color upon glaze firing the pieces.

We fired one really large (15 inch) buckeye leaf plate, three large (10 inch) collanders, a wall hanging sconce (oil lamp), a wall hanging buckeye leaf on (white) porcelain, 22 Ohios made of porcelain to be turned into magnets, a “flower petal” bowl, a sponge holder, a self draining soap dish, and two Cocker Spaniel Bowls.  Cocker Spaniel bowls are designed especially for cocker spaniels to keep their long ears out of their food and water.

Next up… Glazing all this pottery!

Just renovated and revamped our website too.  Check it out at

Here are some clay shots of pottery “in the making” as Karen has been creating new pottery!  Sometimes the process behind the art is largely hidden, so she would like to share it with you for people to see and appreciate the process.  She will eventually post pottery-throwing videos as well.  For now, her trusty camera has taken some decent clay shots!  Enjoy!

the beginning of Frankie's custom cake plate / large shallow bowl.

This was a fun one!  It will be a cake plate with a rim similar to a shallow bowl, so it is a specialized cake plate (in the making)!

Here is the specialized cake plate, in raw clay form (greenware)


this is the detailing / pattern on Frankie's cake platter


making a stem for a wine glass


one of Karen's new stems for a wine glass!


Karen tries on her stem onto a (formerly stemless) wine glass!


Karen's new mug (in the making)

Karen and Nick, two potters in their Columbus, Ohio studio, are working on new pottery nearly each and every single day.  New pottery will be posted soon to the website
It will also be posted, most likely, to etsy at
Karen will also post some highlights here, on this blog, at
Cheers, good health, happiness, and yes pottery!

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