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Crafty by Nature will be here along with many other local vendors peddling our wares.  We will have our pottery and a lovely assortment of soaps.

Lump of Coal Soap is back in time for all the naughty people on your list!

Get your holiday shopping list knocked out with local, handmade gifts!

See you there!!!


Introducing our newest soap…

Clear Skin Charcoal Soap

Clear Skin Charcoal Soap

Clear Skin Charcoal Soap is made with activated charcoal used to draw impurities and toxins from your complexion as well as lavender and tea tree oils which are instrumental in eliminating bacteria from your pores.  The drawing action of the charcoal combined with the antibacterial cleaning from the lavender and tea tree oils makes for one seriously clear complexion.

Available now online at

This one is a popular soap so I’ll be making more again soon to keep it in stock!  Thank you everyone!

Available in Boline Apothecary next week, starting on Thursday, August 13!  Boline Apothecary is located at:  15 W Dunedin Rd, Columbus, OH 43214 and is a fanastic natural herb and tonic store full to the brim with natural products, teas, herbs, and all manners of natural lovely items!

This Saturday May 16, 2015 – Columbus Eco-Chic Craftacular
Whetstone Community Center (Clintonville area)
3923 North High St, Columbus, OH
Indoors & Outdoors festival hours:  10am – 5pm
Free admission, food trucks, and 70+ eco (green) craft vendors!

Come find us (Crafty by Nature) at this fantastic festival this Saturday!  We’ll have new pottery, new soaps, lotions, and big happy smiles!  We always love to do this wonderful festival.  It’s eco / green because the vendors are required to be somehow predominantly ecological.  Items may be upcycled, recycled, natural, sustainably sourced, reusable, or some combination thereof.  Who doesn’t love things that are good for the Earth?

We hope to see you there!

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Our online store has moved.  Today is the first day of our new online store, and to celebrate, we’re offering 20% off your order by using the promo code WARMUP20

To enter our shop now, please go to


Simply add your items to the cart, hit “checkout” and look just above your total (dollar amount).  Right above your total, it will say “Add promotional code.”  Just click on that and enter WARMUP20 to enjoy your 20% off.  Good until whenever the weather is actually warm!

I decided to change our logo just a little bit. Some people may have never noticed. Maybe you did. Who knows. Here’s the old and new:



And the new!


Nothing much has changed, although I eventually plan to phase out making lotion so I can focus just on making soap and pottery. Sometimes people might say someone is “a jack of all trades but a master of none” and I don’t want to be that.

Many new and different soaps are emerging at Crafty by Nature lately. We’ve been trying to make soap as often as possible and have found some new scent combinations of essential oils in the process. We of course have some of the traditional blends we’ve used before which are quite popular too.

Cutting into bars, "Orange Creamsicle" soap

Cutting into bars, “Orange Creamsicle” soap

We have recently made, so far, the following soaps:

Frankincense-Patchouli soap: a delightful blend of the spicy, orange scents of frankincense combined with the rich, woodsy depth of patchouli.

Orange Creamsicle soap: Ever have an orange creamsicle? This reminds us of it exactly! A delicate blend of sweet orange oil with the vanilla scent of peru balsam essential oil makes you almost want to take a lick of this soap like a popsicle. Almost… please don’t lick or eat our soaps by the way. They are much better appreciated through just smelling them!

Black charcoal soap with Patchouli/Vanilla: a real treat which has the rich, wonderful scent of patchouli combined with just a little peru balsam oil, which is a musky, earthy, vanilla scent from the tree sap of the peru balsam tree. Together, the two oils remind me from time to time of having a bit of a chocolate scent. The black charcoal part makes this soap jet black due to adding in activated charcoal sourced from burnt coconut fibers. The reason to use activated charcoal on your skin is that it draws impurities and toxins from your skin quite efficiently, leaving a clean and clear complexion.

Orange Cinnamon Spice soap: a fantastic blend of orange oil and cinnamon bark oil. This might make you hungry for a cinnamon laden dessert once you sniff it.

Lavender Fields soap: a pure and true lavender soap that might not be breaking news or anything but it is a powerful aromatherapy aid and a tradition we cannot improve upon. Lavender is very relaxing and calming. Terrific after a frazzled stressful day to unwind.

Lemon Chiffon Swirl soap: with its wonderfully strong lemon scent, this soap is my husband’s all time favorite soap so far. It is actually scented with a blend of litsea, lemon, patchouli, and a hint of lavender. Litsea is a very strong cousin of lemon. It grows as a large shrub and produces very small but powerful lemon-like fruits where the gorgeous lemon scent is housed. The swirl in this soap comes from naturally pink, yes pink, clay which is instrumental in lifting out impurities and toxins from your skin.

Sage Swirl soap: a wonderful blend of pure sage oil with another oil known as clary sage oil. Clary sage reminds me of a cup of Earl Grey tea with a wonderful spicy and orange aromatic and a background of sage. Swirled with sea clay that is naturally green in color, this soap is another one that can lift impurities and toxins from your skin via the natural clay.

Lemon Rose soap: a delightful soap with a little dollop of pink clay for removing impurities and toxins from the skin. This one has lemon essential oil combined with geranium essential oil, which smells very much like a rose. Geranium oil is far more reasonable than actual rose oil so that is a big part of why we love it. This soap is yellow with a little hint of pink along the top where we blended in some of that beneficial pink clay.

Juniper Lime soap: oh how I adore juniper lime soap! Blended together are lime essential oil and juniper essential oil. The result is a very subtle, pale green soap bar whose scent is absolutely alluring to me. Creamy and lather-rich and such a gentle yet gorgeous scent blend.

Blossom soap: a fantastically floral blend of grapefruit essential oil with ylang ylang. Ylang Ylang is a fragrant flower that appears on a fast growing tropical tree and its flowers are used widely for perfume making and aromatherapy. The fragrance this flower produces is very similar to jasmine with a hint of neroli. Combined together with grapefruit essential oil, this floral soap we call “Blossom” is a real treat and will brighten your day.

Blossom Soap with grapefruit oil and ylang ylang flowers oil

Blossom Soap with grapefruit oil and ylang ylang flowers oil

SPICE soap: a man’s soap combining clove and cinnamon spices with orange oil and a hint of patchouli. This spicy blend says “man” to me, or at least how I wish my man would smell! The clove and cinnamon spices are front and center of this wonderful spicy blend. Our SPICE soap also employs activated charcoal in it so this soap is mostly jet black with some cream colored soap blended in. The activated charcoal, from burnt coconut fibers, will pull and remove impurities and toxins from your man’s skin. Also, we should mention that this soap is not just for men. I am already planning to use it as soon as it is fully cured and ready.

Next Up: BEER soap
Yes I said beer soap. Beer soap is fantastic for your skin. We’ll be using beer in this recipe in lieu of using water and we will also be adding powdered aromatic hops at the very end of the recipe. Beer soap generally does not produce a scent, so depending on the powdered hops lending a hand with that or not, we may add some manly essential oils to assist us with this soap. Cedarwood with clove and cinnamon spices is likely what we will use if the hops do not shine through with a good hardy scent. Beer and hops are extremely conditioning for the skin. Hops have an antibiotic effect and can also help soften and smooth the skin. Hops has an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. It also manages to have anti-aging properties from reducing several skin aging enzymes and boosting collagen and elastin levels. So beauty is truly in the eye of the beer-holder, right?

Some milder soaps on the horizon include:
Vanilla soap
Sweet Almond soap
Honey & Oats soap

If you have a suggestion for a soap scent, feel free to let us know! Our contact information is listed on our page here:

Now back to planning and making more soap!

"SPICE" soap with clove and cinnamon spice blended with orange oil and a little patchouli

“SPICE” soap with clove and cinnamon spice blended with orange oil and a little patchouli

We are about to launch a new body butter and could use your help! We’d like to ask you what scent of body butter would you prefer the most? Please take a couple seconds to help us out! Thank you so very much! We are so excited to have a new body butter; a lot of people have asked us for one.

What in the world is black soap and why would you want to try it? Black soap is made using activated charcoal. The source for my activated charcoal was from coconut carbon, a natural plant based source. Using activated charcoal on your skin draws out pore-clogging impurities and toxins, leaving behind a stunning and radiantly clear complexion.

Black Soap with activated charcoal from Crafty by Nature

Black Soap with activated charcoal from Crafty by Nature

The same extra and special moisturizing is incorporated into these bars so they will leave your skin feeling renewed, healthy, and never dry. The moisturizing I add in at the very last minute of the soap-making process includes both shea butter and aloe vera, two very moisture-rich superfoods for your skin.

These black soap bars are scented with patchouli and peru balsam, two very wonderful essential oils straight from plants. Patchouli is robust, woodsy, earthy, musky, and many claim it is a total aphrodisiac! I personally go crazy for it so I can see some truth to this. Peru Balsam is also very woodsy, musky, and earthy but it has more of a vanilla scent to it than anything.

Here’s something else to think about when you think about what you are about to put on your skin. Remember that our skin is our largest organ or part of our body and it is highly absorbent. Whenever you put anything on your skin that is absorbable, like soaps or lotions for example, your skin will absorb them into your body. This would be fine assuming you use only natural products (such as Crafty by Nature products) but if you in fact use products with synthetics and chemicals, having your skin absorb such things is simply no good. So think twice before putting something on your body that contains parabens, for example. Instead, you can use natural products for everything that touches your skin. I use all natural deodorants, toothpastes, lotions, and soaps. Why should we poison ourselves with products when there are so many natural ones out there?

On a positive note, try our black soap! I think you will love it.

Here’s where you can find some:



To my delight, I stumbled upon the area of my garden where my milkweed is growing and discovered the plants have produced no less than 18 wonderful seed pods. Why are they wonderful? Milkweed is the only known food source for the monarch butterfly’s young to feed upon. Most of you already know that the monarch butterfly is not only gorgeous but its population numbers could use some help. How can we help, you ask?


I think the single most important act we can do as individuals is to grow milkweed in our gardens, which brings me to my big announcement of the day: I am launching a very small scale DIY Save the Monarchs project and I could use your help. What I would like to do is twofold. First, I’d like to give free seeds to local Ohioans so they can try their hand at growing milkweed in their gardens. Secondly, I will be growing some milkweed plants from the seeds in little plant pots starting in the late spring. At that point, I will post another announcement that my seedlings are ready for local Ohio homes that are interested.


If you are interested in seeds or plants, send me an email and let me know at and include your name & mailing address. Hopefully I have planted a seed…


Thank you and have a nature-inspired, creative day!

I have always been fond of eating with chopsticks, having sushi, and enamored with the appeal of asian dinnerware. Naturally, I decided to try my hand at making my own sushi dishes complete with chopsticks rests. This is set one, and I suspect I plan to make several more.


The chopsticks rests are made using small leaves of hosta and birch. In many cultures throughout Asia, it is deemed inappropriate to rest your chopsticks directly on the table. It is proper etiquette, therefore, to use chopsticks rests. I would also like to make some matching chopsticks bowls, or rice bowls, very soon to go with these. Chopsticks bowls have indentations for resting your chopsticks and/or little holes to place your chopsticks in. Definitely I am putting those on my next “pottery que” list!


I’d also like to make some wasabi & soy mini bowls as well. I just ordered a bunch of beautiful natural wooden chopsticks to go along with any of the sushi sets or chopsticks bowls I make. So then you have no worries about hunting down chopsticks for these lovely sets.

A set for two will include two sushi dishes and two chopsticks rests. Future sets will hopefully expand to having the wasabi bowls and/or chopsticks bowls. The dimensions of the sushi plates are approximately 10.5 x 4.5 inches. As always, these are fully dishwasher and microwave safe. You can even use our pottery in your oven if you place it in the oven when it is still cool, and then begin to heat them.


To order a sushi set, contact Karen at

Crafty by Nature

Crafty by Nature does handmade pottery, lotions, & soaps. Earthy. Natural. Pure.

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