Crafty by Nature is based in Columbus, Ohio where we make handmade pottery and natural soaps.  We make gifts from the earth to you!  Check out our website at

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Crafty by Nature’s Story

Crafty by Nature started officially in December 2009 after a handmade Christmas present of handmade “Skin Repair” went viral.  People wanted more, so we began making more.  Then they wanted to start buying it for their friends, coworkers, and family.  The lotions and salves were fun but we always wanted to try our hand at soap making and pottery making.  Since then, we have focused mostly on soap and pottery making.  Having had numerous pottery classes over the years, Karen came home with a pottery wheel one day.  Shortly after that, she showed up with a used kiln to the house as well.  All of our pottery is handmade either completely by hand, called “handbuilt,” or by use of the potter’s wheel, called “thrown”.  Every pot we make is food-safe, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and made with love.

Our soaps continue the tradition of being all natural, made with mostly olive oil and coconut oils, and using only natural essential oils from plants for the various scents and aromas.  Fortified with extra moisture, we include a healthy portion of shea butter and aloe vera at the very last step of our recipe.  Our soaps will never dry out your skin as a result.

This is how Crafty by Nature began.  This is our story.  Our products carry on our story and our new customers become woven into our story.  From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, nature inspired life!

Karen and Nick
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