Introducing our newest soap…

Clear Skin Charcoal Soap

Clear Skin Charcoal Soap

Clear Skin Charcoal Soap is made with activated charcoal used to draw impurities and toxins from your complexion as well as lavender and tea tree oils which are instrumental in eliminating bacteria from your pores.  The drawing action of the charcoal combined with the antibacterial cleaning from the lavender and tea tree oils makes for one seriously clear complexion.

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This one is a popular soap so I’ll be making more again soon to keep it in stock!  Thank you everyone!

Available in Boline Apothecary next week, starting on Thursday, August 13!  Boline Apothecary is located at:  15 W Dunedin Rd, Columbus, OH 43214 and is a fanastic natural herb and tonic store full to the brim with natural products, teas, herbs, and all manners of natural lovely items!