Introducing our newest product with its new and improved product label, “Heal, Dog, Heal Puppy Balm!”  Apply to your dog’s paw pads if they are dry or cracked or need a little tender loving care.  Heal, Dog, Heal Puppy Balm is also quite useful for doggie cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.  

heal, dog, heal! - puppy balm

Just apply to their skin or paw pads, and wait for the wonderful healing power of comfrey herb in this balm begin to do its work.  Safe for all pets and this formula contains only natural ingredients that are either plant-based or natural beeswax.  If your pet begins to lick the balm, there is no need for concern since our formula is safe and natural.

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Comes in an easy to apply lip balm tube, so there is no mess!

easy to apply, dogs will thank you!

Have a wonderful day and take great care of your doggie pals!